Long Term Conditions (LTC)

A new service for managing your medicines, called the Long Term Conditions service, is available at Pharmacy 53. You may qualify for this service if you are having difficulties with your medicines.

This service is designed for patients who are taking a lot of medicines, have several health complaints, have complicated medicine schedules, or have difficulty in remembering to take their medicines, for example, diabetics, heart patients or chronic pain sufferers.

If you qualify for the LTC, your pharmacist will compile a list of all your current medicines and will ensure all your medicines start and finish at the same time. Together you and your pharmacist  from Pharmacy 53 will decide on how often you need your medicines dispensed - weekly, monthly, or three monthly depending on what will work best for you. Your pharmacist can even remind you when your medicines are due for collection or when a new prescription is required.

What will it cost?

There is no cost for LTC consultations or for the reminders for collecting medicines and reminders to get new prescriptions.  Fees may apply should you decide to have your medicines prepared in conveniently labelled medico packs.

What do I do now?

Pop in to Pharmacy 53 and talk to our pharmacists today. Nigel, Sarah, and Vicky will be pleased to help you with the LTC service. No appointment necessary.