Keeping The Body In Balance

Many prescribed medicines can cause side effects like depleting your body of essential vitamins and minerals.
For example:

If you are a taking long term medication for indigestion or reflux such as Omeprazole, you may become deficient in magnesium. Symptoms of this most commonly include cramps, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and irritability. Untreated magnesium deficiency may also be associated to strokes and heart attacks.

Dietary food options

Eating foods like nuts, cereals and dark green vegetables will help to keep your body in balance however often you may require additional magnesium supplements like Go Healthy 500mg 1-A-Day Magnesium. This supplement is a natural marine-sourced magnesium.  Talk to our expert team at Pharmacy 53 about how to keep your body in balance when taking long term medications.